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We work on many types of 

HVAC Equipment

Air Handling Units


Cold Storage

Server Room Units

Cooling Towers

Building Automated Control

Energy Recover Units

Data Center Operations

All MFG Rooftop Units

Heat Exchangers

Pumps & Motors

Split Systems of all sizes

VRF systems


Variable Frequency Drives

Exhaust Systems

Electric Heaters, duct heaters

Water Source Heat pumps, including Geothermal Units

PIU's and Fan Coil Units


Turnkey Change Out

Older systems sometimes break down and can't be repaired. At Sluss+Padgett we work with you to assess your environment and recommend the best equipment and systems to meet your unique needs and requirements.

Our dedicated team responds quickly to minimize downtime and get your systems up and running. Equipment is replaced—with more efficient alternatives—to optimize efficiency and reduce operating costs. Our service teams work on a wide range of systems, including chillers, air handlers, rooftop units, boilers, remote condensing units, cooling towers and evaporative condensers, pumps and heat pumps, fan coils, condensers and unit heaters.

System Upgrades

Sluss+Padgett can add new technologies to existing systems and optimize performance while being cost-effective. Our team of professionals use their extensive knowledge of mechanical systems to recommend strategic, comprehensive system upgrades to meet your unique needs. Our retrofit services offer exceptional value. We can significantly reduce cost while providing a more sustainable, eco-friendly solution.

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