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Safety Program


All of our field employees go through the "Construction Safety Basics" training program with J. J. Keller & Associates, the nation's leading provider of safety and regulatory compliance solutions. The Construction Safety Basics curriculum (Work Practices, Work Environment, Safe Use of Equipment, & In Case of an Emergency) provides employees with a high-level overview of many construction safety topics. Specifically, it covers an introduction to safe work practices, various engineering controls that can be used to create a safe work environment, the safe use of tools and equipment, and what an employee should do in the event an emergency occurs.


Safety Program

Safety Audits

We partner with Zurich Insurance Group's risk engineering team on this. Zurich performs jobsite safety audit visits to work with the project teams on the execution of JHAs/Pre-task planning. Zurich conducts periodic risk assessments in the field (as "another set of eye"), to help identify at risk behaviors and conditions, uncover those leading indicators and human performance "traps", and develop proactive steps to mitigate the potential for loss. These site assessments are coaching opportunities and are followed by a brief review meeting with the Sluss + Padgett field supervisor on site.

Toolbox Talks

Held weekly by the field supervisor or foreman on all projects. They will address a safety topic and give specific details that provide a clear understanding on the safest way to operate a machine, use a tool, or perform a task. In addition, these group conversations are excellent opportunities to ensure all workers are on the same page and understand that certain actions should always follow standard practices and procedures.

JHA (Job Hazard Analysis)/Pre-Task Planning

Held daily by the field supervisor or foreman on all projects. JHA/Pre-task Planning is conducted to identify the dangers of specific tasks to reduce/eliminate the risk of injury to workers.

Safety Manual

Our safety manual is compliant with OSHA's requirement for an effective safety & health program and is supported by management commitment, employee involvement, job hazard analysis, hazard prevention & control as well as training. Our manual includes the criteria for establishing, implementing, and maintaining an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program containing the following 8 elements

  1. Written designation of a responsible safety person
  2. System for ensuring employee compliance
  3. Effective employee communication
  4. Accident / Exposure Investigation
  5. Procedures for identifying workplace hazards including inspections
  6. A method for reporting unsafe conditions and proper hazard assessment /correction
  7. Training and instruction
  8. Record keeping

Certification Tracking

A list of all employee certifications is kept with the Responsible Safety Officer. Certifications are required to operate Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, Forklifts, Rigging, etc. As certifications expire, new training sessions are scheduled.


Our entire field team is OSHA 30 certified.

Safety Awards

As a participating member of the Associated Builders & Contractors of Georgia, Sluss + Padgett measures our safety processes and policies using the STEP benchmarking tool. This safety benchmarking & improvement tool uses 25 key safety components that allow us to implement and enhance our safety program while reducing jobsite accidents.

2018 Platinum STEP Award & Georgia Award of Safety Excellence

Merit Award 2018

2019 Silver STEP Award

2020 Gold STEP Award & Georgia Award of Safety Excellence

2021 Platinum STEP Award

2022 Diamond STEP Award

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