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Design Assist

Risk reduction, cost control, and time savings are paramount for owners facing large, complex, or fast-track construction projects. In such situations, engaging Sluss+Padgett through a design- assist delivery model can be a particularly effective way to achieve these goals.

Design-assist shortens the project schedule by enabling our preconstruction team to:

  • Offer input into constructability, phasing, and long-lead materials
  • Go straight from design into construction by conducting the bidding earlier in the project
  • Save weeks of coordination time since construction plans are typically close to completion by the end of the design phase
  • Work more efficiently during construction since we have a deep understanding of design intent


The design-build delivery method offers distinct advantages to the client. We work hand-in-hand with the client to simultaneously design and price the project. This approach will help keep the project within budget and it will shorten the preconstruction time frame.

Expertise is essential in the design-build process. Sluss+Padgett has the team expertise and experience to provide this service for our clients. We review the design to ensure constructability, offer options to maximize value within the clients budget, and identify solutions that best satisfy the project's objectives. At the same time, we accurately control costs and factor in the schedule to fit the construction plan.

Advantages of Design-Build

  • Builds Teamwork
  • Single Point of Responsibility
  • Open/Transparent Communication
  • Eliminates Adversarial Conditions
  • Not Restricted to Building Types
  • Faster Project Delivery

Efficiency Review

We work with our customers during the design stages, helping review documents & plans to identify possible issues and communicate back to the design team. We will share our experience with different types of systems, provide insight into which types of equipment work best, identify potential problem areas, and recommend solutions. The project is more efficient when a thorough review is provided.



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